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Becoming a Personal Publishing Consultant
This is the best job ever!  Take advantage of this incredible opportunity in Canada and the United States with a company that is leading the digital scrapbooking and photobook industries! The Heritage Makers business opportunity includes direct sales of online publishing of storybooks, canvases, calendars, cookbooks, scrapbook pages, greeting cards, and posters which enables customers to preserve their personal photos and family  memories.  Let me help you get your at-home business up and running so you can enjoy the benefits of making a difference in your life and others.  Create your own schedule that works around your family and other commitments.  I am able to stay home full-time with my three young children, make a financial contribution to our family budget, and have a creative outlet - and I love it. 

Doing Well by Doing Good
Heritage Makers Independent Consultants can receive compensation based on their own personal sales, and, if they choose, also receive bonuses for building and developing a group of equally committed consultants. The opportunity is truly what you make of it, providing hobby-level income all the way up to full-time income and beyond. But you won’t be doing it alone. We have a great support system in place - just in case you're worried that I live too far away to provide personal assistance. With your Start-up Business Kit you receive training supplies such as a New Consultant Guide, a Workshop Guide, Workshop cue cards and a DVD.  You will also have access to online training modules, recorded buisness booster calls, mentoring programs, and team calls. We also have a team Yahoo Group to share ideas with other Consultants across the country. Plus I'm only a phone call or mouse click away.

If you are ready to make a difference, not just a living, if you are ready to leave a legacy, not just do a job, and if you want to experience the thrill of being in business for yourself but not by yourself, you’ve found the perfect answer: Heritage Makers.

If you're considering becoming a consultant, let's talk!


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Heritage Makers business

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