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Building Your Own Heritage Makers Business

Building your own Heritage Makers business is as simple as inviting others to celebrate their stories by joining Club HM, and there are so many ways to do it.

In-Home Workshops

The most effective way to introduce the benefits of Heritage Makers is to work with a host who has invited 6-10 friends to an in-home party or “workshop.” People are intrigued when they see the variety of templates and the creative ways photos can be showcased in unique keepsakes and gifts.

Online Presentations & Social Media

Share your completed projects on social media sites and schedule “virtual workshops.”

Digicrops or Studio Nights

Group publishing sessions where guests have a “hands-on” experience.

Tradeshows & Fairs

Display projects at craft shows and other venues likely to attract potential HM customers and Consultants.

“On-the-go” Conversations

Discuss Club HM benefits and your passion for personal publishing in everyday situations.

A Business That Adapts to You

The Heritage Makers business opportunity is very flexible. You can supplement your income on a part-time basis and contribute to the family budget, pay off credit cards, save for a vacation, or simply earn the money to pay for your personal projects. Or you may be looking to start or replace a full-time career with significant earnings. The decision is yours – work when, where and how you choose.

Receive monthly commissions from continuing Club HM memberships.

Build a team and earn additional bonuses that can add up to significant monthly income.

So many ways to earn!

Level Commissions Heritage Makers Consultants earn up to 30% in commissions on 1st level sales volume and additional commissions on 2nd and 3rd level sales.

Team Building Bonuses

Significant bonuses (up to $3,000 monthly) await those who invite others to become Consultants and help them build teams of their own.

Director Generational Bonuses

Consultants at the Director level earn generational bonuses ranging from 1-3% on all their Consultants’ and clients’ volume.

Executive Team Bonuses

Executive level Consultants earn up to 2% in additional bonuses on their entire Executive organization.
Heritage Makers

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