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Scanning Service
Heritage Makers scan your photosAre your photos safe? Easily accessible? Can you share all of your photos and memories with your family? Or are your photos “stored” in an old shoe box in the back of the closet?

PublishedStorybooks.com scanning service makes it possible to put all photos onto the computer and straight into your Heritage Makers Studio account so you can share your photos and build beautiful projects for your family to enjoy for years to come. 


  • Peace of mind knowing your photos are safe from fire, water, and other dangers.
  • An easy way to share your photos with all of your friends and family.
  • A simple way to get your photos onto the computer and ready for your projects.

Here's How it Works
Scanning is a timely, needed service. With the Kodak scanning system, you can simply and efficiently get thousands of photos scanned in hours instead of days and so they can be enjoyed for many years to come. 

How it Works
With my Scanning Service, you can back up and protect photos from damage. Plus, digital photos can easily be shared with friends and family. Your photos are ready to be uploaded into Studio and made into beautiful storybooks and projects.

With traditional flatbed scanning, you could spend as many as 6 hours to scan 100 photos. The same amount of pictures can be scanned with HM in only 20 minutes! That’s a huge time difference. The more you scan, the more time you save. In fact, if you scanned 1,000 pictures, you would save more than 62 hours!

Plus, HM scanning service will save money.

Number of Scans Cost
1-99 $.39/scan
100-499 $.29/scan
500+ $.19/scan

(Industry average $.59/scan)

Also available - 12x12 traditional paper scrapbook scanning

Number of Scans Cost
1-50 $2.00/side
50+ $1.50/side


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